M.S.J.A. Graduation Day

I spend a few hours each week teaching Jazz Language at the Middle School Jazz Academy out of Jazz @ Lincoln Center.  I work with the students on understanding the rhythm and swing of jazz, the power of the blues, and I lead them through history as we explore the lives and music of Jazz […]

Warrior Heart ~ on tour

I am a firm believer in the power of music to heal both the listener and the musician.  In light of this fact, it was a absolute gift to recently do an outreach mini-tour in NYC with my group Warrior Heart sponsored by Lincoln Center. We played concerts in some adult care facilities and nursing […]

TomTom Shoot

TomTom magazine is about Drums, Art, Women, Music, Style, & Culture. Mindy Abovitz –  Creator/Editor www.tomtommag.com Teri Duerr, Producer, Horse+Dragon NYC www.horsedragon-nyc.com Meg Wachter, Photographer  – www.megwachterphoto.com Seong-hee Park, Makeup – www.seong-hee.com TomTom Theme #1 written and played by FraeFrae (thats me).