We (Eli Yamin, Kate McGarry, Bob Stewart & I) arrived in Recife, Brazil in the early afternoon. We had the whole day to catch up on our rest before beginning our schedule of workshops and clinics….but I simply couldn’t sit in my hotel knowing that something like this was happening out there somewhere.

This is my first day in Brazil.

Thankyou Jorge Martins and Marivaldo Lima!

Thankyou Edvaldo S. Amorim for taking my perhaps not so sublte requests seriously and arranging the visit!!!

14 thoughts on “Escola Corpos Percissivos ~ Rhythm Road #10

  1. LaFrae,

    It’s so great to see that you are out on the rhythm road again–I wish I was in Brazil with the band :). Can’t wait to catch up with all of you in DC next month. Travel safe!


  2. Hey Yall – that looks like soo much fun!! what a great culture to be in, the sounds that they are making is amazing. Its fun to see Bob and Eli (w/ long hair) grooving with the kids hahha! LaFrae, it looks like you were having so much fun! Will be following the blog and keeping in-touch! Much Love!

  3. Dude, that was fantastic! Tell me more: who are the kids? Where/how do they perform?

  4. Hey, Girl.

    I liked your way of drumming. Your face expressions are wonderful.
    I am from Recife and I saw you, and the Band, into the Conservatory Studio. I wish I had stayed for the night concert, but I couldn’t.
    I’ll try to go to ABA, to see ya’ll playing again. At least I’ll try to do it.
    God bless you. And good sounds for everyone

  5. The drumming speaks a language of joy. Those young drummers are very focused and indeed good!


  6. Heeey… wonderful! better than I think right?? The concert in aba-recife, with the maracatu’s boys was without doubts allsome!!!!!!!!!! congratulation Lafrae, and thanks for the mini-drum!!!!

  7. Unhappily I couldn’t go to ABA… I had to study. But you were one isnpiration for me to try a bit more. I study the Saxophone at the conservatory but I study the Drums by myself. I watched some of your videos. I liked them.
    May God bless your life each day of it.

    Good Music for you!

  8. Hey,
    How long are you supposed to stay here in Recife?
    Please, if it is possible let me know. I hope to be able to see your performance (live) one more, at least.

  9. Hi LaFrae,
    I saw your show in ABA-Recife and I loved it! I’m a drummer and you made me feel very well seeing a woman playing the drums.
    yeah, we don’t have so many girls-drummers in Recife, and I always study with many men.
    I hope to see you again here in my city and i hope you enjoy Recife!

    Well, in the ABA, I asked you for your drumsticks. I’m very, very happy that you gave me!! THANKS A LOT! The drumsticks are in a very special place, it’s a very good memory of you. I wanna a picture with you but at that moment I was so nervous and without a camera…
    Please, if you remember and if you have time to do this, can you send me the picture of us that you take?

    i’m sorry about the very-bad english :/
    thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. They say every single person in Brazil is gorgeous and from the looks of this video it’s TRUE! And those little sisters on the shakers? STUNNING!

    What a joy to watch you being you with the folks! 🙂 So cool. Thanks for sharing, Frae!

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