Food for Thought….

Food for thought
Tito Rodriguez, Mr. Celucci , Frae, Jeff Lo Davis, Mario Grillo

Paul Celucci coming into town is a beautiful thing because some of us from the Sabian crew can get together and reacquaint, or acquaint – and what could be more civilized than breaking bread?

I enjoy the stories and the sharing.  Jeff Lo and I geeked out over gear then went into musical philosophy.  I love how he used food words to describe is relationship with music. I thought it was poetic.  Jeff talked about his appetite for Bill Evans, or not being hungry for certain types of music anymore.  We both like Chakka Khan and Poogie Bell, and fusion hi hats for their sonic cut.  I like Jeff Lo Davis alot.

Mario & Tito told Machito Orchestra ( stories that were just too much.  25+ years touring with a 16 piece band clearly yields much comic material.  Mario is Machitos son and the current bandleader.  He shared with me some group touring with gear pearls of wisdom which I welcomed since I will be traveling internationally with my own kit for the first time soon.  (I usually only bring cymbals).  My favorite story Mario told me about his father was that he could go on the road for two weeks with two shirts and one suit.  Mario explained that you get in the shower with socks, underwear, and shirt – soaping everything.  Rinse, hang, and BOOM they are fresh for the morning.  As for the fold the pants (with crease!) and place them under mattress so they are pressed for the next wearing, and the Jacket you hang.

We all skipped desert.  Nice hang:)


Paul Celucci is the man. (and he hates it when people say that)