Last spring I was about to go on the road and I decided I wanted to put rivets in my favorite cymbals.(a process that involves puncturing the cymbal and inserting little pieces of metal that sizzle).

A friend told me to check out Steve Maxwells drums shop.  I went in and the regular guy who does the work on drums was out, but the guy behind the counter said he could help me out.  He was in the back a long time.  I became concerned.  The drill bit had broke and stuttered across my cymbal.  These things happen (I tell myself),  and yelling solves nothing, so biting my tongue (filled with emotion) I collect my cymbal and I leave.  They offered me compensation but I didn’t see how that would solve anything.  My cymbal had a couple of punctures.  Thats it, it can’t be fixed.

I went home and thought about it and the next day I called the number on the store website and to my surprise, Steve Maxwell himself picked up the phone.  He knew of my situation as was glad that I called because I walked out (intentionally) without leaving my information.  He mentioned compensation and I mentioned that I had acquired the cymbal through an endorsement deal and while I couldn’t in good conscience take compensation for the damaged cymbal, I would be thrilled if he would help out by donating gear to the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls ( – a summer camp that I have been a volunteer teacher at for the last 5 years.  Steve said “Of course!”

I love a win win situation.  I love drums, Williemae rock camp and Steve Maxwells’ Drum Shop.  Now when I look at the dents in my favorite cymbal I can smile about it.

Above I cut some cool images from Steves shop to one of my favorite tunes(Mosaic) from Art Blakey (my favorite drummer) & the Jazz Messengers.

Below is a cool video MTV news did on the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.

Willie Mae Rock Camp Video:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.807788&w=425&h=350&]

4 thoughts on “I love Drums

  1. I love the Steve Maxwell drum shop too! I am a ladies rock camp alum and when my band started gigging I needed a snare. Jesse at the shop helped me find one that I could afford and was a good listener and very patient. Iove my snare! I also bought a 1980’s Sabian crash there for a good price and it sounds incredible. The selection of vintage drums at the shop is gorgeous. Have fun!

  2. Hi LaFrae,
    Thanks so much for the kind words and for posting the video. VERY cool. I went into the main page of my website and mentioned you and set up a link to your site. Hope we can turn a lot of traffic your way. Thanks again! Hope to see you again soon.

  3. I’ve never been to Steve’s shop, but bought a drum set from him a few weeks ago.
    Great products, great people, go to Steve Maxwell, no one can beat them !

    Believe me, my first time in the US will be for Steve.


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