The 13th Amendment?

On why The 13th Amendment?:

“I discovered that the Blues connects to audiences 
all over the world. I suspect it’s because everybody gets The Blues. In teaching about this music
 to international audiences, I always have to go back to the source of the Blues which runs right
 into the Spirituals. I decided I wanted to experience singing these songs with my main voice -
the drums. In my own way I’m reclaiming the drums to the tradition. I can only imagine the
reason why the spiritual tradition is drum-less is because the drum was taken away (during the
period of slavery in the American South). The 13th Amendment is about freedom. We take 
this approach musically.  The 13th Amendment?: it’s Jazz, it’s  Funk, it’s Blues, it rocks, it
 swings, it’s Free.

The 13th Amendment? is:
LaFrae Sci – Drums & Musical Direction,
Mazz Swift – Violin & Vox,
Micah Gaugh – Sax & Vox,
Bruce Mack – Keys & Vox.

*The 13th? will be recording soon in December.  Until then, here are some live demo performances:

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