Sponsored by the Black Rock Coalition, the 17 piece all female orchestra under the musical direction of Tamar Kali  returned to France to play three sold out shows.  This was a special experience as we were in the region where Nina spent her time.  It was beautiful.  We stayed in two fully furnished lodgings with a full kitchen on a arts complex in Chateauvallon.  Besides the fantastic shows, I really enjoyed cooking and spending time with the other women whom I don’t get to see too often in NYC because of our busy schedules..  Thankyou Chateauvallon, Sainte Maxime, and Martigues.  BIG Thankyou also to LaRonda Davis, Laurent, Sandra, Jaco, Christian and everyone else who made our stay and shows so fantastic!

Viva Nina Simone!

Good Times!

Here are some out takes from soundchecks and shows:

Funkier than a moskeeters tweeter:

I put a spell on You (Sound Check)

Mazz  – Lilac Wine (Sound Check)

Feeling Good (Sound Check)

3 thoughts on “The Daughters of Nina Simone return to France

  1. 1. ¡¡¡¡YONI POWER!!!!
    2. those violins on I PUT A SPELL ON YOU!!!
    & that woman singin it means EVERY WORD!!!
    & i can hear your POWER!
    3. really like the singer on LILAC WINE
    4. FEELIN GOOD…that singer is serious!
    & you are the anchor.
    5. gotta say the Narjess solo clip is sexxxehh, because you can feel the heat & good will of the whole room, performers & audience alike. i love it!

    thank you so much for sharing.
    that this even HAPPENED is a dream come true, let alone getting to SEE it!!!

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