I joke about being “gender blind”.  In many ways I really see people before I make the distinction between women and men… I believe in personal freedom of expression and respect, and I am not a flag waving/card carrying member of any organization or group.  However, as I near the completion of my first Rhythm Road experience and reflect upon my experiences, I simply can not overlook the accomplished, beautiful, powerful, brilliant, talented, industrious and intuitive women I have had the privilege to get to know, and who have looked out for me & us along this journey. (in addition to a office full of committed and talented women in NYC Rhythm Road HQ!)

In all 4 countries we have had these brilliant, highly educated, multilingual women who work with the Embassies travel with us, translate, run unfathomable tactical maneuvers on our behalf, deal with border crossings, lost passports, crisis aversion, and crisis management on a scale that is imperceptibly large, and yet with such finesse and grace that their efforts could go unnoticed.

But I noticed & I am gratefully empowered by their example.

Honestly Wonder Woman pales in comparison.


Ruxandra Todiras –  Romania


Slavica Rosic –  Montenegro


Markella N. Karagiorga – Greece


Mirela Cupi – Albania

P1100136Matilda Vangjeli – Albania


I’m preparing to return home tomorrow!  Our busy schedule and difficult internet access has delayed my Greece update, and now my Albania update, but more stories, and photos and video from the Rhythm Road are to come.  Thankyou for following my blog.



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  1. This blog is SO fun…so much passion. I’m moved the most by these pictures of the women above! Don’t know why exactly…They are so beautiful in their own way, it shines.

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